How does Payguru Cash Payments/ Bank Transfer System Work?

Select Cash Payment/Bank Transfer option as the payment method in the website during the check-out phase
Select the bank you want to use to make the transfer and view the corresponding bank account information of Trend Odeme Kurulusu at the chosen bank
Don’t forget to enter the purchase reference code into the payment description field on the corresponding interfaces on ATM and Online Banking Channels. The purchase reference code is an alphanumeric string uniquely generated for the particular transaction on the payment page.
Your payment transaction is delivered to the Payguru Platform through its integrations with the banks. Payguru detects the reference code in the description field and matches it with the records in its system and transmits the payment information to the merchant. From then on, the status of your payment transaction becomes “Onaylandı”, i.e. “Approved”.