My payment status is still “pending” even though I have made the payment.

Please be sure that you entered the following parameters correctly into the corresponding fields on the payment interfaces while you were making the transfer:
Payment Reference Number
Payment Amount
Payguru Account Number
If you are sure that you gave all those information in a correct way, then the reason for the payment to be seen as pending could be a temporary problem in the banking systems and infrastructure. Please check again later. You will be informed by us when the problem is fixed and your payment is confirmed.

Please note that payments made through EFT systems are processed by banks within the working days between 09.30 – 17.00 Turkish Time. Therefore, payments made in time slots different than those mentioned above will be processed in the next time slot in the next working day by the banking infrastructure in Turkey.

Don’t forget that Payguru will not send a payment confirmation to the merchant until it receives the funds into its accounts. If you think that the explanations above do not explain your case, please create a support ticket so that our customer support team could reach you as soon as possible.